Oulong Consulting Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is 100% owned by a single German share holder. The office is located in Dresden, Germany. Main business target of Oulong is to provide various consulting and business services for small and medium European companies to start or improve their business activities in P.R.China and vice versa (support Chinese companies who want to setup European business). Oulong is a company which provides not only “consulting” but also operative services. Therefore, we established DeOuYa Co. Ltd. in P.R.China under our 100% ownership and organize business in three different business units:
Tech & Biz Consulting Import & Branding Non Profit Platform
The core of Oulong Consulting is technical and business consulting for high tech or engineering related businesses. We provide services from small to big including factory setup and operations, technical problem solving, local customer representation, in-solvency proceedings, restructuring, busi-ness improvement etc.
We import German consumer products into China and setup distribution channel. DeOuYa serves as an “umbrella brand” which can be used by our customers if they want. With DeOuYa brand we will establish a brand name in China recognized for products truly and fully man-ufactured in Germany/Europe, provide good quality and fair price.
We had been the driving force in setting up a business platform between Dresden and Jinan. Purpose is to provide a  non-profit activity which is based on government support. It will aid small and medium sized companies in Europe and China to start business activities and find reliable cooperation partners and investors with as low risk as possible.

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